Meeting dates for Full Council and Committee meetings are listed below.   Meetings are normally held in the Craft Room at Brockenhurst Village Hall but can be subject to change,  please visit the Committees, Minutes and Meetings section of this website to check the relevant agenda for further details.






22nd Augst 7.00pm                              Planning Committee


5th September 7.00pm                        Amenities and Infrastructure Committee

6th September 5.30pm                        Events Committee

19th September 7.00pm                      Full council

26th September 7.00pm                      Planning committee


17th October 7.00pm                          Full Council

24th October 7.00pm                          Planning committee


7th November 7.00pm                        Personnel and Resources Committee

21st November 7.00pm                      Full Council

28th November 7.00pm                      Planning Committee


19th December 7.00pm                       Planning Committee




16th January 7.00pm                           Full Council

23rd January 7.00pm                           Planning Committee

6th February 7.00pm                           Amenities and Infrastructure Committee

20th February 7.00pm                         Full Council

27th February 7.00pm                         Planning Committee


6th March 7.00pm                               Personnel and Resources Committee

19th March 7.00pm                             Full Council

26th March 7.00pm                             Planning Committee


16th April 7.00pm                                Full Council

23rd April 7.00pm                                Planning Committee

24TH April 7.00pm                              Annual Parish Meeting – Refreshments from 6.45pm


7th May 7.00pm                                  Amenities and Infrastructure Committee

21st May 7.00pm                                 Full Council – Annual Council Meeting

28th May 7.00pm                                Planning Committee