Amenities and Services

For further information on any of the Parish Council's assets and services, please contact the Parish Clerk.  



Brockenhurst Parish Council has various allotments available to rent at Black Knowl.  

Please contact the Parish Clerk for details of allotment availability, waiting list and charges.





A fully equipped children's playground is located adjacent to the Village Hall, Highwood Road.  

Please contact the Parish Clerk for further information.



Benches & Bus Shelter


Brockenhurst Parish Council is responsible for the many benches scattered around the Parish and the bus shelter at Waters Green.  

For further information or to report an issue with these facilities, please contact the Parish Clerk.  



War Memorial


The Council is responsible for the maintenance of the War Memorial in Sway Road.  

Please contact the Parish Clerk for further information.



St Nicholas' Churchyard


Brockenhurst is justifiably proud of its Churchyard which overlooks the village and is adjacent to St Nicholas' Church which is one of only two churches in the New Forest mentioned in the Doomsday Book and is reputed to be the oldest church in the area.  

The Churchyard is divided into two areas:  the smaller area surrounding the Church itself falls under the auspices of the Church Authorities whilst the lower section below the steps is managed by the Parish Council.  If you would like to enquire about our Churchyard please contact the Parish Clerk.  

The Churchyard also contains many Commonwealth War Graves from the First World War.  These are mostly ANZAC soldiers who were treated at the No. 1 New Zealand General Hospital in Church Lane but who died from their wounds.  Further information on the history of the Churchyard and the Commonwealth War Graves can be found in the Visitor Information section of our website.  



The fees shown apply when interment is made between the hours of 9am and 4pm, or one hour before sunset, whichever is earlier, on a week-day, or when interment is required to be carried out immediately under the authority of a certificate issued by a Coroner or Registered Medical Practitioner.

For residents the fees will be reduced by 50% of the standard rate, including for former parishioners who have moved directly to Homes for the Elderly. For those who have moved to Brockenhurst to live in Homes for the Elderly the fees will be at the full rate. Those who have lived in the Parish for forty years before moving away will be eligible for the lower rate of fee. The decision is at the discretion of the Parish Council.









The body of a person over 18 years of age for interment in :



                                                a single grave



                                                a double grave



                                                second burial in a double grave



The body of a child not exceeding 18 years of age




Interment of cremated remains (ashes)



Charge for digging an ashes interment plot





Right of Burial






Exclusive right of burial/s in an earthen grave for a period of 100 years



An area 2 ft by 2 ft in the section of the churchyard set aside for cremated remains





Monuments and Gravestones






A headstone not exceeding 2ft 6ins



A name plaque



Flower vase, book or Bible



Cremation tablet 1ft 6ins by 1ft 6ins



Additional inscription on an existing memorial



Services of a minister of religion are organised and charged by the Funeral Director.  

The charge for digging a grave (not ashes plot) is not included and dealt with by the Funeral Director.  

The construction of a Wall Grave is not permitted in the Churchyard.  


Valid from 20th June 2017 





Lengthsman Scheme 


In conjunction with Boldre, East Boldre and Sway Parish Councils, Brockenhurst Parish Council employs a Lengthsman to carry out grounds maintenance work within the Parish.  

In May 2016 Hampshire County Council's "Your Hampshire" magazine published an article about the role of a Parish Lengthsman which you can read here.  

Further information on the Brockenhurst scheme is available from the Parish Clerk.  



Grant Applications


For information on grant applications, please contact the Parish Clerk.