Brockenhurst Climate Action Plan Committee

 Brockenhurst Parish Council has set up a Climate Action Plan Committee (CAPC). The CAPC’s mission and main aim is:

  1. To take practical actions in our local area to raise awareness;
  2. To enhance our local environment; and
  3. To strive for carbon neutrality.  
In working to achieve this aim, the CAPC will encourage and facilitate those who wish to take a leading role locally in achieving the mission and the aim including in particular:
  1. Voluntary organisations, individuals and groups connected to the Parish;
  2. Brockenhurst College and its students and the Primary School;
  3. Forestry England as the dominant landowner within the parish but with other landowners as well; and
  4. New Forest National Park Authority.

CAPC will set up or facilitate the setting up of such working groups to concentrate on specific topics as it sees fit, ensuring that such groups are coordinated and are focused on the mission and the aim set out in paragraph 2 and will facilitate their work so far as possible using the resources available to it as the Parish Council.   

Our primary aims are as follows:

"To take practical actions in our local area to raise awareness, to enhance our local environment and to strive for carbon neutrality" including:

  • To discourage light pollution
  • Encourage Planning policy amendments to reduce pollution generally
  • Encourage energy saving
  • Examine own reduction of resources
  • Encourage repair and re-use workshops
  • Encourage electronic newsletter
  • Encourage planting of trees, shrubs, etc.
  • Encourage use of Solar / PV energy
  • Encourage Bournemouth airport to reduce pollution and energy consumption

Stay in Brock to Shop!

We encourage all residents, especially as we ease out of lockdown, to support the local stores and business whenever they can and avoid unnecessary travel, especially by car if you can.

Greening Campaign

The CAPC is interested in starting its own Greening Campaign. See this link to for more information and watch this space for Brockenhurst action.

Getting involved

If you would like to join in with this work or hear more about it please use this link to email the Parish Clerk or the Parish Council office.